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5. #BecauseICan: Post lockdown leadership special with Cath Bishop and Mandy Hickson

Episode Summary

Former olympian and diplomat Cath Bishop along with fighter pilot Mandy Hickson join Tim and Paul to discuss what leadership an education must look like going forward. They discuss redefining success and focussing on what you can control. This extended Post Lockdown Leadership Special makes for powerful listening.

Episode Notes

In this extended episode the Sandstone team, joined by Cath Bishop, delve into the challenges that have been faced by leaders so far during the pandemic and discuss what steps need to be taken to increase the chances of success going forward. It is a privilege to be able to listen to Mandy and Cath discussing this openly and sharing ideas. As Cath says it all comes back to education and perspective. This combined with Mandy's view of focussing on that which you can control makes for powerful listening. 

Cath Bishop: Former Olympic medal winning oarswoman and diplomat. 

Mandy Hickson: Former Fast jet pilot and key note speaker.

Paul Horwood: Managing Director of Sandstone Communications, entrepreneur and army officer. 

Tim Bradshaw: Former Intelligence officer, Everest mountaineer,  #BecauseICan Ambassador and key note speaker. 




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